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3 Tips To Master The Colour Wheel Without Breaking A Sweat

Updated: Nov 4, 2023

Always wondered how to use the #colourwheel and how it might help you in your #home, #clothing choices and #expressing yourself?

image of colour swatches and paint pots
colour swatches

I've had a love of #colour from a very young age! This has passed through to the way I dress, how I style my home and my #painting!

I have had some common colour questions over the past 20 years. I must say that most of them can be quickly sorted by just using the colour wheel, so here are my top tips!

TIP #1

If you are using a colour wheel to mix paints etc then break them up into sets of colours:

PRIMARY: Red, Blue, Yellow

(These can't be made up, they are pure pigments)

SECONDARY: Orange, Green, Purple

(created by mixing 2 x PRIMARY colours)

TERTIARY: Eg; Yellow-Orange

(created by mixing a SECONDARY and a PRIMARY colour)

Colour wheel with the primary, secondary and tertiary colours on
Colour Wheel

TIP #2

Use the colour wheel to help you mix colours. So, if you are wanting to mix ORANGE look at the colours on either side of this colour (yellow and red)- these indicate the colours needed to mix the colour. For example:

colour wheel with yellow , orange and red labels
How to mix orange

TIP #3

When decorating your home or yourself, think of colours that work well together. What are these? I hear you ask! Well here you go:

HARMONIOUS COLOURS - colours that sit next to each other on the colour wheel, eg;

  • Yellow, Blue and green

  • Yellow, Red, Purple

  • Red, Purple, Blue

  • Purple, Blue, Green

  • Green, Yellow, Orange

  • Yellow, Orange, Red

See image below (Yellow, Blue, Green):

Penshaw Monument 2019 - ECCarter Art

CONTRASTING COLOURS - colours that are opposite/contrast each other on the colour wheel, eg:

*these can be variants of the colour, eg: Pink (Red), teal (Green).

See image below (Yellow and Purple):

Yarm River 2020 - ECCarterart

So there you have it, some simple steps to get you in the know!

If you are more of a visual person like me - then I have broken it down in this handy video I created, ENJOY!

If you would like to join one of my art classes then check them out OR you can join my mailing list for more up to date info and be the first to know when new courses become available.

I have a private Facebook group also

I hope you found this useful - if so please like this blog post and comment!

Colour hugs,


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