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TOP TIPS when commissioning a painting - #affordableartwork

Updated: Feb 1, 2023

My work revolves around colour and a deep sense of connection to places and landscape. Capturing what makes a view special to you. The sort of image where you might say ‘when I see this I know I’m home’ is often the starting point.


1. START by working out your budget. Commissions start at around £250 for 30cm x 30cm. I also do #paymentplans of up to 4 months - 0%interest (just ask)

NEXT gather images of the place/landscape you wish to have #commissioned. Do you have a favourite childhood place? Is this #painting going to be in memory of someone, a #memorialpainting? If you could be anywhere, where would you be? Is there a place that evokes calm in you?

If its an abstract work, think about colour. Which colour combinations do you love? Which of my other works make your heart sing? (send me your favourite images of mine so that I can get a feel)

If you need help deciding then check out my #paintings

2. WHERE do you envisage this painting going in your home? Is there a wall you would like to put it on? Send me a picture of it!

This helps me soooooo much as I can see where the light is and what colour your wall is, which will influence the #painting and colour choices!

3. WHAT is the measurement you wish to have?

My commissions start at approx 30cm x 30cm - but these can be changed, (60cm x 90cm etc) you just need to reach out to me. The biggest I do at the moment is 100cm x 120cm - BUT, I CAN GO BIGGER, just ask!

4. Is it for a special occasion - if so you will have to let me know, so I can see if it will fit into my schedule.

5. MOST IMPORTANTLY - just reach out to me, don't be afraid! Whats the worst that can happen?



I really enjoyed creating this piece for Ben Rees and his gorgeous family. This painting was created after a ride around Devizes looking for the perfect vista to paint with Ben and his young son Harry. Great memories were made.

What a privilege it has been to create this painting for them and to have a piece of my artwork in someone’s home, forever.

Here’s what Ben thought of it all.

‘I have the privilege to share with you all a commission painted by the effervescent Emily Carter. This meaningful landscape is synonymous with my upbringing in rural Wiltshire. Roundway Hill is such a symbolic spot with all its subtle geographical cascading towards you. The painting is a masterpiece full of depth, colour and mystery that will remind me of endless journeys with friends and family across this beautiful countryside of ours.

Emily meticulously planned and discussed the painting with me, before embarking on completing this wonderful landscape. The depth to her acrylic painting is incredible and I would happily recommend her work’.

If you would like to find out more, then please read my commissions section on my website

Commissions are unique to every client. They are more affordable than you think and payment plan options are available on an individual basis. Find out how the process works and contact me for an informal chat.

I also deliver art classes and sell other original paintings and prints - click the links and check them out!

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