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#myjourneyasanartist -childhood influences Part 1

Updated: Apr 10, 2022

On #worldteachersday I've been reflecting on my #journeyasanartist as a busy teacher and new mum and thought I'd share with you how it all began.

12 months ago I was a stressed out, heavily pregnant full-time art teacher who hadn’t picked up a paint brush in years. I’ve taught for the past 10 years - an absolute passion of mine and still loved art but didn’t have the time or energy to pursue things for myself. Sound familiar???

The nearest I got was visiting the Royal Academy of Arts #summerexhibition2018 which #graysonperry curated. One of my heroes!

A year on I’ve got my creative mojo back!! For everyone out there feeling a bit the same, whatever occupation you are in, trying to be the person you are meant to be, here’s my story....

My work revolves around emotional attachment to place, a strong sense of nature and colour. I’ve also been inspired by many strong women in my life. I’ve been wondering where my creative impulses began?

This is my Mum and Dad. Dad was from London and mum from Leeds. They met after mum returned from nursing in Africa. Hence the African dress.

Always an individual my mum was and has always been a go getter! (I wonder where I get it from!) My Dad used to draw cartoons for the newspapers. They moved to Todmorden, West Yorkshire - my home and close community for the first 20 yrs! And what a home it was. Surrounded by trees and hills, crumpets cooked on the fire and a real sense of creativity and freedom.

I was a very lucky child, I was always encouraged to create and imagine. The quote from #bobandrebertasmith really resonates with me.

My dad was a #photographer and was always taking pictures in and around Cornholme and #Todmorden.

He always had a camera round his neck and everyone seemed to know him - which was really cool when I was little. This is me and my brother John in the middle (a picture dad took). Dad especially liked using #blackandwhite #photography. This is definitely where I get my love of photography!

I vividly remember the warm, red glow of the developing room at the back of our house. I always got excited to see what had developed, and sometimes, he even let me in there with him!

If you want to read more about my #journeyasanartist visit my facebook and instagram pages to catch up and bring you up-to-date. There's lots more to enjoy! Or visit my about me page for the more 'official' version.

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